A Chinese flute with big feet

I’ve had a Chinese flute come in, with the complaint that the foot tenon is too tight, and the foot won’t go on properly.

Like most technicians, I have a dislike of cheaply made Chinese instruments (otherwise known as FSOs – Flute Shaped Objects), primarily due to the poor materials and quality control. This one is the brand “Largo Australia”.

So, the tenon was too large – I thought, “No problem, I’ll just pop it in a shrinking die.” I did so, and as expected, the foot now fits on easily…. up until the last millimeter. Then, it wouldn’t budge.

“What’s going on here?”, I thought. I decided to measure the tenon and receiver socket, and lo and behold, the tenon is a FULL MILLIMETER longer than the receiving socket. No wonder it wouldn’t go in!

This is one of the amazing examples of the incredibly poor quality control of these Chinese instruments.
Here, you can see the measurements, taken with digital calipers. (The socket is being measured with the depth gauge at the end of the calipers)
Largo flute - foot tenon too long