Instruments for Sale

Buffet B12 $300 Awaiting overhaul, available soon!
Buffet E11 $570 Awaiting overhaul, available soon!
Leblanc Vito $300 SOLD
Yamaha YCL-24 $300 SOLD
Leblanc 7214 $300 SOLD
Buffet E11 $550 SOLD
Amati Kraslice ACL-315 $410 SOLD Full Boehm model, down to low Eb, articulated G# and left-hand Ab/Eb lever.
Yamaha C100 $150 SOLD Full overhaul – Upper joint cosmetically imperfect ugly. Plays great though!
Leblanc Bliss LB320 $450 SOLD Brand new, factory second, small crack repaired

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